What REI is doing that is changing the video marketing game.

What REI is doing that is changing the marketing game


As a documentarian, I am always looking for inspiration on what to shoot next, what story to tell, what world do I want to explore and become part of. I find myself getting sucked into the world of YouTube at times for inspiration.

 I came across a short documentary called "Brothers of Climbing" that REI posted on their YouTube channel. I was captivated.  I was taken into the world of those who climb in NYC and the misconceptions that people of color don’t climb. I was sucked in, by the end of the documentary I was feeling empowered and excited to climb. The documentary, for me, hit many things that I am into. Climbing, breaking down social norms, and people coming together to make a change. It was at that moment I realized how REI is changing the game when it comes to internet marketing and storytelling.

What "Brothers of Climbing" did for me was show that REI and their core values align with mine. REI was not mentioned in the documentary; All I saw was Presented by REI. I now associate all the feelings I felt when watching the short documentary with REI.

You can find many stories on the REI YouTube channel of amazing people doing amazing things. All the stories have one thing in common. They share the story of the core values they hold.  

REI is building an emotional connection with viewers through telling stories. Stories that connect with a viewers core values. This emotional connection builds brand loyalty and trust. REI is not selling me anything, they are simply telling stories.

This is the future of internet marketing. With the rise of YouTube and other sites that host videos, brands can now become storytellers. When a brand tells a story that resonates with the values of their customers it creates trust and loyalty. This loyalty creates a customer for life.


- John Meier | Maple Bay Media Storyteller